Set-Up: Journalist falls for trap which caught him in bed with married woman


Journalist falls for trap which caught him in bed with married woman

A journalist caught in bed with the wife of his colleague has been made to roll in a pile of dirt.

Mr Clayton Masekesa, a journalist and spokesperson of Zimbabwe's Mutare City Rovers a football club, has been caught in bed with a woman married to his colleague.

According to a report by iHarare, the news reporter is suspected to be having an affair with the wife of Soul Tom, the Secretary General of the club.


Masekesa was captured in a video which showed him as he rolled in a pile of dirt.

Nehanda TV gathered that the suspect was apprehended following a set-up by members of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), Municipal Police and Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP).

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Zimbabwean man caught having sex with prostitute at wife's burial

In Gweru, Zimbabwe, a man named Luscious Chiturumani was caught having sex with a prostitute while attending his late wife's burial.

Hmetro reported that the subject who visited his in-laws resided in Chiredzi for the occasion introduced his company as his sister. Both were allocated a room where they were found having sexual intercourse in the morning following their arrival.


Reports gathered revealed that a man who was smoking by the window of where the pair were sleeping heard strange sounds which encouraged him to inform people living within the vicinity.

It was feared that the duo might be in danger. Upon opening their room, they were found entwined in the act of love making.

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Grace Mtethwa, a relation of the deceased who died after a brief illness was not impressed by Chiturumani's behaviour stating that she had never encountered such an instance before.

“It is very much disgusting what my uncle has done. Humbwa chaiwo.

“He has proven to be a dog and lacking any sense of morality. How can someone come all the way from Gweru to have sex here aaah? I had never seen anything like such in my entire life.

"He was not able to fully pay the dowry of the deceased but he found the courage to bring a prostitute saying it was his sister," she said angrily.

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The disgraceful act was welcomed by mob justice according to Hmetro.

Chiturumani, who was physically abused in form of slaps and kicks received, was made to walk half naked with his company. Both had a car expected to take them away waiting as the crowd made to punish them for dishonouring the dead.

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